You may Eat your Gadgets

Baking Life

Take a look at these awesome gadgets! As we trip around the internet, we came across several gadgets.


“Baked gadgets”, a somewhat strange name that surely many of you responded with a great face: Aiming to put your gadget in the oven? Calm down , do not take it so literal; by that I only mean that life is like a gadget, spend all or most of our years baking to leave the cocoon, to stop being tracked and finally to enjoy in full of life, these results we got everything we did.

cellphone cake

Most particularly, I believe that life really is the “track” and that gadget is what will be after our death, people who knew us, and we only can enjoy from wherever we find ourselves … Why baked? For the simple fact that we spent whole life learning new things and having new experiences and better or worse, living and enjoying; as we keep learning, we continue to be tracked, and when we actually left is just enjoy the moment is that we see the gadgets out of the oven.

Create a blog for (initially) to tell a story, you cannot be so simple, but you can definitely achieve; all about concentration and dedication.


Why create this blog? What primarily motivates me is to share this story, to help other people overcome such situations, which tend to be more normal than they appear; motivates me to know that I can contribute a bit and have a space for those things that are of common interest, things ranging from the simple, such as: get up and give thanks for another day; to the complex as overcome illness and recover fully.

It should be noted that I am not professional in this area; I’m just a person who wants to share what it is to have a gadget BAKED.

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