Tips for keeping your home free of mosquitoes

During rainy seasons it also means mosquitoes are in our home. The mosquito breeds in this environment and our homes are not free from its propagation, it is very important to take the necessary precautions to prevent diseases like dengue that invades at home.


The first thing to know is that both flies and mosquitoes are vectors or transmitters of a lot of diseases (like malaria, yellow fever or dengue). By the same indication, beyond the specific case of dengue it is important to keep insects away from home:

1. Avoid having containers or containers that hold water, and therefore can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

2. Change the water every 3 days

3. Keep clean and bleach your pool season if not using it. If possible, keep them empty (although this option is not always recommended).

4. Keep the courtyards weeded and uncovered storm drains ceilings.
If these tips are not enough to feel safe, you can opt for some home remedies to avoid

The tedious use of insecticides:

– Rub apple cider vinegar on exposed skin.
– Use repellents such as mint, vanilla, cloves, bay leaf, cedar and eucalyptus.
– Use a container with soap and water for mosquitoes to place their eggs and do not give rise to larvae and then adults. Then empty the container in the stack, seal it and throw it away.

But, if you want to have the windows open and enjoy your home without insects and mosquitoes, the insect screen is your solution. Here are some tips to install them correctly in your windows. For some time many insects, especially at sunset and wet areas. Come from everywhere and some will sneak into the bedrooms when you leave the windows open, so he may run cool, and his boots biting into the skin.

There are many solutions: no sleep, sleep with all closed, pull fan, use insecticides or install screens on the windows to keep open, to let in the fresh air but keep out mosquitoes and moths, at least. And there are many types of mosquito net that can adapt to all needs and budgets.

insect screen

Types of mosquito net

There are many types of mosquito net, from the “fixed” to the most possible, depending on the model chosen, ease of installation is different. Depending on the door or the window you want to protect:

  • Still, that they serve all kinds of windows and doors. They can be opened fully.
  • Stretchable, also suitable for windows, doors or French windows with shutter box, but have partial opening.
  • Sliding. If we have a window or sliding door, we may want this embodiment, since the sliding flyscreen functions as one of the leaves of the door, so neither can fully open (only path that can make the rails).
  • Roller blinds mosquito screens appear (in fact it is the same type of operation), and are very comfortable to use. They require more than skill at the facility, but it is, so to speak, the best solution if we can install them. They offer a full opening.
  • Mosquito nets curtain, enabling full opening and the idea is simple.

This content will gives you the confidence and security that you deserve.

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