Singapore’s Attraction: Tallest slide

Changi Airport the Tallest slide

How’s the living in Singapore? Read on! When travelling, good pictures, ideas, places and foods are here! Come and see the beauty of Singapore. Singapore is one of the best places in Asia that you must visit. I share my thoughts and best experience at Singapore Airport.

changi airport


Singapore is one of amazing country in Asia. It is a truly great place to visit. To strike your boredom when you are in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, why not try the tallest slide and enjoy your time while waiting. While spending $30 slide at Changi Airport Terminal 3 for a single receipt you will be able to have one ride.

Singapore is a great place for a vacation together with your family and loved ones. There are so many attractions and things to do here. I am sure that you can spend your great time here at Singapore. Singapore is a clean and orderly place to go.

Add Singapore to your bucket list and have some ideas of what you can do when you get here.

While at Changi Airport, you will not feel bored. There a lot of things that you can do here. This is one of the best place when shopping and dinning at Singapore.

The best thing to do at Changi Airport before your flight are: You may catch a movie and enjoy the movies with different genres. If you are nature lover, you can interact the nature here at Changi Airport. You will end up loving the butterfly Garden located at terminal 3. There are also coffee shop and local delicacies. If you want to swim, you can also enjoy the pool in the airport. Dip yourself in the Changi airport Balinese theme swimming pool.

Don’t forget to visit and enjoy the Changi Airport Tallest slide. It may not question the longest slide in the world, but it is surely one of the most attractive being situated in the airport.

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