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Rabbits are animals that generally require constant movement and space required for sleeping, playing and relieve. The theme of the cage is of continuing importance, because the owners do not know they need a large space to live, and not just simply drop a couple of hours to run.

rabbit hutch

Rabbit cage meets the ideal living space minimum, intermediate, but these sizes depend on the breed of rabbit, it must have the appropriate length and width and allows the rabbit to move freely, and a height that allows you to extend completely to stand on two legs, the cage should also have a wide front door that allows the rabbit come and go easily, otherwise a cage above the door would not allow the rabbit to enter and exit easily, and it can hurt trying to jump inside. The recommended rabbit cages should have a sturdy plastic tray that is washable and metal bars at the top, you should never have grid on the floor as it may hurt in the short or long term rabbit limbs.

With regard to size for each race is extremely important, a very small size to a large rabbit can be harmful and stressful for the animal, therefore many companies that sell pet supplies, designed sizes for certain standards, then a list of the perfect sizes for each size of rabbits.

Dwarf rabbits:

Dwarf rabbits have a minimum space requirement cages 70 x 50 x 40cm, unfortunately this size despite being the minimum requirement, subtract them some movement, so that the rabbit will need much more exercise outside the cage, whether running inside the house, in a pen or pulling it to ground with a harness.


The ideal conditions for races dwarf rabbits are cages that have sizes from 1m x 55 x 45cm and The wider is better for rabbits because their hours outside the cage are less.

Rabbits Medium:

Median rabbits and require much more space, the minimum size they should have in their cage is 1m x 55 x 45cm, and the ideal size of 140cm x 70 x 50cm and The wider is better for the rabbit and their hours outside the cage are minimal.

Great Rabbits:

This type of rabbit demand more space, because its size is twice the other, these rabbits as minimum space requirement would be from 120cm x 65 x 55cm, need enough space to stretch out and be able to stand on its hind legs , besides their hours of exercise outside the cage would be extensive. The ideal size for a rabbit than 35 – 40cm in size, is cage from 160cm x 77 x 60, so dimensioned and above that would demand fewer hours outside the cage.


This type of habitat for rabbits, like cages, are used both inside and outside the home, are generally used to keep the rabbit out during the summer days, even many hutches are made with pen included so the rabbit can go and eat grass or relax outside. Generalemtne this type of cage has a nest to sleep in rabbits, and other space where they eat and defecate.

Hutches have different sizes, usually these are adapted for rabbits large, but also work for dwarf rabbits, and the mere fact that some possess a small pen is a good idea for those bunnies who enjoy grazing, resting on the cespes and even he is running and playing.

The Corral

The pens are the best choice to get the garden a rabbit, especially if you do not have time to get it out to harness a Terran, the pen must have a height greater than 80cm to prevent rabbits jump and escape, as they may run danger outside the pen, another factor to consider in the pens, the large esque possessing them have enough space to run and play. Always consider having a yard for rabbits especially if they want to have a couple of hours in the garden. The pen can be manufactured home or purchased at pet stores that have products such manner.

In short, have them a wide and good quality to our rabbit cage is a factor, since they are facilitanto then their lives and giving them more convenience and mobility within them, also if it is considered to have a pen or hutch them in the sunny summer days or winter is an excellent choice, but they should never leave them outside all year as they may get sick from this, although they have a shelter and an isolated rabbit is not very sociable.

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