Life and events in Mongolia

Mongolia is a strange place. The lands where waving green to the foot of the mountains that stretch as square one between China and Russia, a place where a few could imagine what lurks. Visiting Mongolia is a dream that keeps with affection. But why visit Mongolia? What is there that can attract our eyes?


In Mongolia there are two types of Mongols:

Nomads and urban: The first dedicated to cattle, are humble people living in the countryside without luxuries and supply themselves with their products. The latter live in cities and tend to drink too much alcohol, which makes them very aggressive people. Perhaps it is because since the days of Genghis Khan, the Mongols were great warriors and in their blood.

But diving into dozens of explanations, you would list each of the details that travelers can expect in such an inhospitable and contradictory so welcoming destination, but I will not get on that long list, but I’ll let you carry by imagination with these.

Mongolia is very rich. Some of its features stand out especially.

The music and song is a very important role in their daily life of the Mongols constituent. The singing exerts a certain fascination, as the singer produces two different sounds simultaneously: the nasal resonance and the effects of the vocal cords overlap. The singers are inspired by the sounds of nature.


Mongolians also have a variety of traditional musical instruments: the most symbolic is the “Moriin-Khuur ‘means the hurdy-gurdy-horse. Has its name from the fact that mimics the gait of the horse. Two horsehair strings and a soundboard wood.

Mongolia presents a show that combines videos, songs, explosive statements, spacemen, and appearances by some of its members that, surely, will intermingle between the seats of the public.

You will definitely enjoy a unique event with Mongolia Call of the Grassland performed by Mongolian troupe featuring yodeling, deep throat singing and Mongolian fiddle. The Mongolian Folk Arts Theater won several awards such as Three golds in “Olympic International Choral Competition” respectively in Austria (2000) and Busan (2002) Competition, Double Gold awards in the chinese lotus dance contest in 2009, Only gold medal in Seventh national television dance competition in 2013, The Inaugural China International Khoomei contest, they won a total of nine international and domestic awards in 2014.

With much awaiting! Witness the upcoming events of Mongolian Folk Arts Theater that performed by the Mongolian government. Hence, they illustrate the history of 70 years and to hand over to future generations the rich band of Mongolia’s folk arts and culture.

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