About Us

I treasure my LIFE

What it is to be like jumping reflections and share experiences in life. Life is a matter of creation. You make impossible things possible. Our life consists of unexpected events that come to us and become part of us.


There comes a point in your life when you decided to leave your fears behind and walk progressively. That day surpass all your limits and you approach the end of the horizon, where the cliff was so far, that place that exists seems to end, but that’s where you find the beginning of a new path. Before you dared not go that far, but you know that if you do not know your limits, you never know who you really are and to move forward, leave behind the unforgettable marks of your past.

But I love to come back, but every events elapsed there are a repetition of the previous one, devoid of emotions and new sensations, necessary for every human being to feel alive and excited.

Seeing everything around me seemed static. The past who always had faith and thinks the best of life is about to arrive. So, I took courage and began to be filled with hope and think that something wonderful was about to appear and when you make it possible within yourself that something good can come into your life and you feed and believe in it, something magical occurs .

It all starts at the moment when you decided to give it another try. You know that happiness is possible beyond your dreams and to become part of you, you must search the depths of your soul and open wide the doors of your soul, to create new signs to guide your way, based on your own experience.

But life itself teaches you that if you are prepared, maintain the fantasy and you get on that unexpected event knocks on your door, every day can be magical and different. I’ve learned an important lesson that you must never give up or give up all for lost. No matter what your circumstances or what others think are the important thing is what you think of yourself. We must all learn to live with a daily dose of uncertainty which is nothing to believe in the possibility that a positive development can come into your life unexpectedly and change everything.


When everything changes, leave behind the chains that kept you back and open new wings.  Your freedom to fly like a butterflies and becomes your best companion. When you change the way you see yourself, everything that exists in your life changes.