10 fun things to do without spending $1!

Many believed that since it’s the 20th century there wouldn’t be any fun stuff to do for free, especially in Singapore where everything is quite pricey. Like every move you make requires you to spend cash and that most of the time you just want to stay home to avoid spending. But there are still things to do in SG that won’t require you to spend even a single dollar. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the things you can do for free.


  1. Visit Temples

    Photo www.broketourist.net

    Photo www.broketourist.net

SG has been blessed to have witnessed and nurtured a very diverse culture. Hence, resulted to many Temples. You can visit the temples for free either for pleasure or education. One of the Temples you shouldn’t miss are Thian Hock Keng, Sri Mariaman and Sultan Mosque.


  1. Check out Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens conduct free performances for the people to enjoy and watch for free so if you want to be your night to be memorable but you don’t have money to go out with your friends why not suggest that all of you watch classical concert in the park. If you want to know their free concert schedule click here for more information.


  1. Do the Southern Ridges forest walk

    Photo www.tripadvisor.com

    Photo www.tripadvisor.com

It’s one of the best walking trails in Singapore. It ranges from Mt. Faber, Telok Blangah, Kent Ridge and Hot parks who wouldn’t get relaxed of the luscious green forest, with canopy walks and amazing view of the whole surrounding and sunset? I know I will, but just make sure that if you’re going all the 10 km walk don’t forget to  bring water or snack so you wouldn’t have to buy anything or worry about getting hungry or thirsty.

  1. Visit the NUS Museum

    Photo nusmuseum.blogspot.com

    Photo nusmuseum.blogspot.com

The most underrated things to do for free nowadays are visiting the museums especially to our young adults (unless their school requires them to visit a museum). I mean how could they not get the value of visiting the museums? It’s always been like entering to a new world, like you are wrapped in a time capsule and gets to learn all the amazing stuff people did in the past. NUS Museum features and all kind that has to do with history of SG. And the best is, it’s free!

  1. Take a selfie at Merlion

Grab your camera and take a pose with the iconic Merlion. The half Lion and half Fish. You cannot only see the famous statue but you can definitely observe and see how many tourist flock here. You might as well take advantage of the situation and enjoy the people busying around enjoying the moment, take walk here, have picnic and enjoy the afternoon away.. Well, if your that type of person.


  1. Shop for Free!

Yes! You read it right. Shop for free here At Singapore Really Really Free Market where you can grab any books item of your choosing for FREE! But of course in the spirit of community sharing and giving you should always bring some pre-loved items for you to share. This community activity is a good way to clean our closets and at the same time share something to someone. It’s True what they say “ Some people’s trash, is another man’s treasure..”


  1. A walk to Changi Airport

    Photo www.travelpulse.com

    Photo www.travelpulse.com

Well if you have a lot of free time and got nothing interesting to do and you live near the airport then go and take a walk there. You’ll likely get more freebies at Changi Airport than anywhere in SG. Free wifi, chilling at tv lounge, trying the massage chair. How cool is that?

  1. Try Fishing at Yishun Dam

If you want peace and tranquility this is the place for you. You can try to fish here amybe bond with your special someone or just stay here for inner peace enjoyment. A me-time for you to refresh yourself from the busy city life.


  1. Walking to the Woodlands Waterfront

You can walk, go picnic, fish or just observe and walk. This is a great location where you just want to pause and take a break at the work life you are experiencing. The place will certainly give you a new perspective in life.

wds waterfront


  1. Exercise at Punggol Water Park

In this water park you can absolutely do everything. You can run, go biking, maybe just walk and stroll or just take photographs.


See? It’s not so bad after all. I mean who would have guessed that there are still a lot of things to see and discover in SG. The temples, statue and park are not for tourist alone. J


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