Tips for keeping your home free of mosquitoes

During rainy seasons it also means mosquitoes are in our home. The mosquito breeds in this environment and our homes are not free from its propagation, it is very important to take the necessary precautions to prevent diseases like dengue that invades at home. The first thing to know is that both flies and mosquitoes are vectors or transmitters of a lot of diseases (like malaria, yellow fever or dengue). By the same indication, beyond the specific case of dengue it is important to keep in...

Consider my top 10 fashion trends this 2016

top 10 trends
With the technology in our lives today it is easy to think that there are mobile applications for almost everything. Right here I have taught some great fashion app, I love this app because it offers opportunity of having fully inventoried closet,   they can become our best friends for the day. But what happens to our fashion? What are the best? You should try this 10 fashion trends this 2016. Is it possible to buy the new fashion trends now? The answer is definitely yes, but to do so you...